Texas Lions Camp

Camping for Children who Have Physical Disabilities

So What’s it All About?

Texas Lions Camp is a summer camp dedicated to serving children from the state of Texas with physical disabilities between the ages of seven and sixteen.  The camp is a modern facility located on over 500 acres in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  Texas Lions Camp offers campers a chance to try new activities and create long lasting friendships while developing greater self-esteem, independence, and most of all, they get to have FUN!

Campers spend their days at camp participating in many different activities, having fun and making friends.  They are encouraged to try new things, to sing loudly, dress up in silly costumes, and learn sign language.  Counselors are assigned to each group of campers and escort them throughout the session, teaching and encouraging campers while meeting their special needs.

Learning can take on many forms and Texas Lions Camp is a unique experience for many campers in the types of challenges presented.  Children are taught and encouraged to apply a ‘Can Do’ attitude throughout their time at camp and beyond.  Essentially, campers are taught that they ‘Can Do’ any goal they set for themselves.  They have to be willing to try, willing to fail, re-assess the situation and try again.  They are taught that spirit, enthusiasm and effort can overcome many obstacles.

Other challenges for campers are meeting new people, developing confidence in a new situation, or even being away from Mom and Dad for a week. For some campers, meeting other children or staff members with similar challenges provides a sense of security and confidence.  Another key lesson is learning that everyone has a ‘disability’; some are just more obvious than others.

The goal of Texas Lions Camp is to help children become more independent, productive adults.  The programs of the Texas Lions Camp are intended to develop such qualities as improved self-image, social adjustment and self-reliance.  These services are offered to campers at no charge to them or their families.

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